thumb|300px|righthow FAP came about

Jake was the first one to come up with the idea for a podcast. he famously said to his cousin, Jason, "we should start a F***ing podcast, you know, like smosh!"

jason was convinced that it may be a good idea

jason was a little reluctant but after many pleas and some crying, forever alone podcast was born.

how they made the magic

using an old macbook, they managed to make a few videos. although they scewed up with the recording equipment at first,having trouble uploading because they did not have the right file type. they figured out what exactly to use eventually though, and the first few roughly edited sketches came through.


later, about a week later to be exact, the FAP home channel was hacked causing mass panic in the social network. okay, maybe it wasn't that bad, but it was still pretty bad. after much crying and temper tantrums, FAP reignited with their all new, slightly more professional looking, FAP2. it is still going on today, with very little problems.

jake's other channel:

jake's other channel is an animating channel, and can be reched here:

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